TK’s Custom Auto is your complete auto restoration shop.  Our
top priority is to exceed our customers expectations.  For
over 10 years we have specialized in the complete or partial
restorations of all antique and classic cars.   We consistently
provide the highest quality work to make our customers’
dreams come true.   Here at TK’s Custom Auto we conduct all
types of small and large restoration services including:  rust
repair, custom metal fabrication, frame repair, light and
heavy body repair, show quality paint finishes using top rated
PPG products, suspensions, custom exhaust systems, brake
repairs and conversions, electrical systems repairs and
rewiring, cooling systems, and even fuel systems.  We also
work closely with outside vendors to provide engine and
transmission repairs and rebuilds, interior work, and re-
chroming to complete the restoration process.  As our slogan
states “New And Old We Do It All“ and therefore looking
forward to restoring your classic to beyond it‘s original

There are current insurance policies and estimate guides
available to make estimates on collision and repair work
fairly accurate.  There are not such programs available for
restoration projects due to the extensive amount of unknown
and unforeseen damage.  Therefore estimates cannot be given
on restoration, rust repair, metal fabrication, and/or
electrical repairs and installation.  The true cost is only
revealed during the rebuilding process.  For this reason
restorations are billed on a time/materials basis, in
approximate 2-week increments.  The current labor rates are
$52.00 per hour for body work, $76.00 per hour for mechanical

for payment by cash or check
, and materials are charged as
they are used (these rates
are higher for payment with credit
card and
can and will be changed without notice).

A somewhat accurate estimate can be made if the vehicle is
fully disassembled.  All the body parts, chrome, glass,
suspension, interior, and paints/undercoating must be
removed.  Then dents, old collision damage, and rust can be
evaluated.  Obviously this is an expensive venture-especially
if it is determined the vehicle is not "worth" fixing.  The
vehicle owner is the one who must determine the “worth” of a
vehicle.  Often vehicles sentimental value exceeds its actual
replacement value, and therefore an extensive and expensive
restoration can be justified by the owner, while other times
the owner will decide to find another project.  Regardless it
is imperative to remember that an estimate is an
opinion/judgment of a rough or preliminary calculation of
work to be accomplished.  As the project progresses it is
common for additional costs to arise as originally
unforeseen damage becomes visible.

Throughout the course of a restoration many parts are
needed.  Each project is unique and a variety of methods are
used to acquire all the necessary parts.  In some situations it
is best to buy new parts.  Many time though new parts aren't
available so locating good used parts is what must be done.  
Quite often bumper and chrome trim/pieces will be sent out to
be repaired and refinished/rechromed vs. buying new.  The
needed parts can be ordered a couple different ways.  You, as
the customer can order parts new or used through
vendors/private sellers and have them shipped directly to
TK's.  Or we can order the parts for you and you will be
charged accordingly upfront.

Here at Tk's custom auto, we look forward to working with
you to restore your classic to beyond it's original glory.  Our
experience and desire to exceed your dreams is what drives us
to produce such fine work.  We pride ourselves in being able to
be your complete restoration shop.  "New and old we do it all"!